Through telehealth, the way patients access medical services has been revolutionized.  Telehealth has no boundaries, provides scheduling flexibility and is accessible anywhere with wireless capabilities. When in person consultations are not possible or convenient, there is no better way to create the personal dialogue and connection which can be realized here.

We hold health and well-being with the utmost importance and differentiate ourselves by being able to provide the most personalized options in consultation. Our specialists will offer you the ability to converse with them face-to-face from a secure location through an HD Video Conferencing system.

Seeing your consultant and having the time to ask questions means a lot to you and to us when faced with stressful situations.

Post consult, a full recording will be available upon request along with a written summary from the specialist.

Written Consultation

With all your diagnostic testing and medical records completed, we can offer a written consultation. This method would not allow any interaction with your specialist but will be a comprehensive written report with a recommended plan of action.